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I am a 40ish girl who absolutely loves her life! I am blessed beyond all imagination - that doesn't mean times are always easy - but they are always do-able! My husband is so stinking cute!!!...and my kids are the greatest, I really like them a lot! We run our Century ranch together as a family, we put up our own hay, raise hereford/angus cross cattle, and do all the ranch work together as a family, with the help of "Papa", and our friendly neighbors. I love being a homemaker, helper, friend, mother, wife, coffee drinker, and stall mucker! Sometimes though - things happen around here that "I didn't sign up for"! Sometimes they are funny, sometimes not......

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time Flies.....

I once saw a stamp with this saying on it:  Times fun when you're having flies! (and there were two frogs on it)......Well, that may be true, but Time flies when you're having fun too!

Too long since my last blog....need to get better about that.  We are starting to calve here...already have 12 on the ground (only 388 to go!).  The #2 bull got out and I guess he did some business before we got him back in!  LOL

Things are going to get really busy in the next few weeks, so we're going to steal away for the weekend.  We don't really get much family time away from the ranch, so I'm really excited to have them ALL TO MYSELF!!!  No equipment, dogs, Papa, cows, - nothing - to take away their attention!  ;)  That makes this momma happy.

Our middle boy - Colten Ben - turns 16 tomorrow!  After his basketball game he's going to head to town (klamath falls) to go bowling with friends.  Can you believe that?  He wants to do something with his friends,,,,not his momma and daddy!  The nerve of that 16 year old boy!  hmph.
oh well....hehe....I know he'll have a good time.  Then we'll be leaving friday morning to head somewhere - we're not quite sure yet....just somewhere where it might be warm and where we can have some adventures!  I'll let ya know how it went!!!


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love finding ranching blogs, so I'll be back to yours for sure! I hope you have a great weekend away. For me, a weekend helping with calving would be so much fun, but I'm sure you'll have enough of that to not think of it as fun.
    During the spring and summer months we go up and down 97 all the time. We stop at a place in La Pine and another in Chemult to eat frequently. I'll be sure to honk the horn when we get in your area!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog also Sarah! Highway 97 runs right through out home town area - Dorris/Butte Valley! LOL - Small world huh! If you're ever hungry in Dorris, check out the Bar 40 - really nice people run it, and if you are here over the weekend, definately treat yourselves to the Hospitality Inn - Incredible Food and Incredible Hosts!!!