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I am a 40ish girl who absolutely loves her life! I am blessed beyond all imagination - that doesn't mean times are always easy - but they are always do-able! My husband is so stinking cute!!!...and my kids are the greatest, I really like them a lot! We run our Century ranch together as a family, we put up our own hay, raise hereford/angus cross cattle, and do all the ranch work together as a family, with the help of "Papa", and our friendly neighbors. I love being a homemaker, helper, friend, mother, wife, coffee drinker, and stall mucker! Sometimes though - things happen around here that "I didn't sign up for"! Sometimes they are funny, sometimes not......

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Break-Up

Dang it.....Colten's gonna break up with Kendra.  My heart is broken....

Colten is our 15 (soon to be 16) year old.  He's been "going out" with Kendra for about 6 months now.  Kendra is from Tulelake.  Tulelake has always been Butte Valley's biggest rivals, since even before Shannon and I were in high school here.  We never liked those darn "Honkers", I'm not quite sure why we didn't like them, probably because that's what the upperclassmen told us to do....but it's a fact - the Bulldogs despise the Honkers. 
Tomorrow night we have a basketball game in Tulelake.  Now, just to give you a little back ground.  Butte Valley has a population of about 900, whereas Tulelake has about 1200 (I Know, big city!).  They always seemed to do better in sports that us - except of course when I was in high school!  We had a winning streak that wouldn't quit, not only in Basketball, but Volleyball and Football as well.  It was sooooo cool beating out those stupid geese!
But, tomorrow night's the night.  Most kids are going to bed with thoughts about strategy on winning.  I'm sure Colten's thinking about a broken heart.  He's a sweet boy, always has been.  He's never been one to hurt anyone's feelings.  He came to me tonight while I was in my bedroom packing for a weekend Mommy get-away.  He sorta lingered about.  I let him.  Finally it came out, "Mom, I'm thinking of breaking up with Kendra".  Big breath.  Poor kid (Kendra I mean, Colten's on the easy end of this deal).  There is never an easy way to "break up".  Yuck, I don't even like those words.  But, anyhow, Colten said, "Mom, I've prayed about it and I think it's what's right.  I'm going to be 16 next month and she won't be 14 until April.  I'm going to be able to drive and her dad still won't even let her come over without causing a fuss."  He's right, her daddy is having a rough time with the "Butte Valley Boy" snooping around his daughter.  I sure feel for the kid.  He doesn't get to see her very often, so I'm sure that's part of it.  Anyhow, I wasn't sure what kind of advise to give him, you see I'd always been on Kendra's side of this kind of deal.  I never broke up with anyone - they always dumped me.  Notice how I used the word "dumped", that a girl thing.  We'll never say "He broke up with me because of the distance".  We'll say this instead, "the jerk dumped me".

Oh me, young hearts.  All I can think of is that I'm glad I'm leaving town in the morning! 

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tim McGraw vs. George Strait

Not even a toss far as I'm concerned.  I love Tim McGraw's music and he's definately helped country music reach a whole new generation, but will there EVER, and I mean EVER, be anyone who could compare the the most awesome George Strait. 
When our middle son, Colten, was a toddler, he was convinced that when he grew up he would "rope and work on George Strait's ranch in Texas".  It was his pact answer whenever asked "what do you want to be when you grow up Colten Ben?".  Love it!  Today, he'll tell ya that he's changed his mind a little bit.  He wants to take over our ranch, along with his sister, and continue to carry on the Struble tradition!  I love that even more!
As I'm typing this, I'm listening to our two boys, and three of their friends (who stayed the night for an all night XBox party UGH), rock out to our local country station while they're cleaning up the yard.   It's really funny to listen to them, I sorta feel like I'm invading at times.  I've heard:  "Man, I just wish it'd snow", "Nick, did ya bring your shotgun", "do you think they knew we were playing hide-n-seek in the barn last night", "Crap,,, "yeah, dog crap". hahahaha.  and my favorite yet, (directed at me when I went out to see their progress), "Hey Woman, Get Back In That There House And Cook Us Some Grub"....Boys....gotta love 'em.
guess I better sign off and go cook......

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay, we have quite a few animals on the ranch.  Some we use as income, some we use to herd the income, some are used for mealtime, and some are just plain useless.

A useful animal is one that can provide something.  ie, food, warmth, comfort, that sorta thing.
A useless animals is one that your daughter falls in love with and brings home.

Buster is Lizzie's newest love.  We have a few cats around the ranch, they are great for keeping the country mouse out of the country (I'm sure some do move in with their city cousins).  Lizzie decided that we needed a cute little kitty to have in the house.  I agreed for two reasons, one - I do like kitties, and two - there are mouse dropping in my cupboard  (GROSS)!

Cousin Lori provided cute little Roxy for us.  Lizzie picked her out and brought her home.  We all fell in love, she is the cutest darn kitty, looks like a siamese and very loving and playful.  Then, it happened, one day Roxy grew balls.  Yes, you read that right, she grew balls.  Roxy turned into Buster. 

Since Lizzie said it was a girl kitty, I never dreampt to confirm the sex.  Lizzie is a pretty darn smart little rancher girl and definately in tune to all of the animals around.  But,,,,life does play tricks, and RoxyakaBuster was one.  Oh well.....

Just Wonderin'

Well, I was just sitting here wondering.  Wondering about family that I haven't seen in a long time.  Wondering how Colten will do in his basketball game tomorrow.  Wondering when Lizzie will ever turn into the kinda girl who LIKES to shop with her momma.  Wondering when we'll start calving.

Yeah, when calving starts, life (as I live it in my imagination) ends.  From about March until May babies are poppin out all over the ranch.  Then from June till about October, we hay, so, our lives are at the mercy of the ranch.  I'm not complaining mind you, I like that tie, isn't always easy.  We have about 400 mother cows to watch over.  The cows usually do fine, it's the heifers (first time momma's) you have to watch carefully.  I remember back in 1992 when I was pregnant with our first child.  My father (Benny aka Papa) actually sent me roses for mothers day!  I hadn't delivered our son yet, and was so surprised to get flowers!  Especially from Papa.  Benny is a typical old cowboy.  He lives simply, loves his dogs (I mean LOVES his dogs), and doesn't require much from life.  He doesn't always give much either, not in a bad way, but he's just a simple kind of no-nonsense man.  After I received the flowers I had to call him (we lived in Washington state at the time).  After I thanked him, I asked him why he'd sent the flowers.  This was his answer:  "Well, Trace, you're just a young heifer now, once the kid is born, you'll be an old experienced cow and I won't have to worry anymore".  Truer words have never been spoken. 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two Thousand and What?????

Wow - what year is it now? Did you ever imagine living in 2010..I know I didn't. I remember Prince (or what is he called now) singing about 1999! That's seemed impossible to me, now we're in the 2000's....weird.
New Years Resolutions....not for this girl. I think I'll just keep on keepin on! Living my life as I have been, which includes always trying to improve on things. I think I'll keep my husband this year (he's a pretty darn cute guy) and I think my kids too, I sorta like them. I would, however, trade a dog or two (or 10). I love my dogs, but, seriously, 10 dogs! I just wish we could get the back porch enclosed so they'd have a warm spot (other than in from of my monitor)! Oh well, while this isn't the life I signed up for, it is my life!