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I am a 40ish girl who absolutely loves her life! I am blessed beyond all imagination - that doesn't mean times are always easy - but they are always do-able! My husband is so stinking cute!!!...and my kids are the greatest, I really like them a lot! We run our Century ranch together as a family, we put up our own hay, raise hereford/angus cross cattle, and do all the ranch work together as a family, with the help of "Papa", and our friendly neighbors. I love being a homemaker, helper, friend, mother, wife, coffee drinker, and stall mucker! Sometimes though - things happen around here that "I didn't sign up for"! Sometimes they are funny, sometimes not......

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is how life is at our house.....just one example.
We came home from a football weekend get-away to find a Squirrel in our house! Yes, that's right a furry little rodent running around my daughters room! My husband, two sons, and daughter were trying to catch it with a live trap....while I was sitting in the living room listening to the screams and laughter thinking to myself, "this is NOT the life I signed up for". You can view this remarkable adventure on youtube, our oldest son videoed it then put it on the web for the whole wide world to view! Lucky me!

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