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I am a 40ish girl who absolutely loves her life! I am blessed beyond all imagination - that doesn't mean times are always easy - but they are always do-able! My husband is so stinking cute!!!...and my kids are the greatest, I really like them a lot! We run our Century ranch together as a family, we put up our own hay, raise hereford/angus cross cattle, and do all the ranch work together as a family, with the help of "Papa", and our friendly neighbors. I love being a homemaker, helper, friend, mother, wife, coffee drinker, and stall mucker! Sometimes though - things happen around here that "I didn't sign up for"! Sometimes they are funny, sometimes not......

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wow! Am I ever in for a learning experience! I just previewed some of my neighbors blogs, and boy howdy, people blog about weird stuff! I wonder who follows the gal who blogs, not only daily, but HOURLY, about her precious daughter? Now, don't get me wrong, I love love love my kids, and I think they are totally awesome, but who would want to read about how well Austen is doing in Football, or Colten's latest basketball stats, or Lizzie's newest animal adventure? Although, the kids's I guess I can understand, but Paper Dolls?? Really?? Are you kidding me??? A blog all about Paper Dolls...all I can think to say is "People, go out into the world and experience life"!!!!!

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