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I am a 40ish girl who absolutely loves her life! I am blessed beyond all imagination - that doesn't mean times are always easy - but they are always do-able! My husband is so stinking cute!!!...and my kids are the greatest, I really like them a lot! We run our Century ranch together as a family, we put up our own hay, raise hereford/angus cross cattle, and do all the ranch work together as a family, with the help of "Papa", and our friendly neighbors. I love being a homemaker, helper, friend, mother, wife, coffee drinker, and stall mucker! Sometimes though - things happen around here that "I didn't sign up for"! Sometimes they are funny, sometimes not......

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two Thousand and What?????

Wow - what year is it now? Did you ever imagine living in 2010..I know I didn't. I remember Prince (or what is he called now) singing about 1999! That's seemed impossible to me, now we're in the 2000's....weird.
New Years Resolutions....not for this girl. I think I'll just keep on keepin on! Living my life as I have been, which includes always trying to improve on things. I think I'll keep my husband this year (he's a pretty darn cute guy) and I think my kids too, I sorta like them. I would, however, trade a dog or two (or 10). I love my dogs, but, seriously, 10 dogs! I just wish we could get the back porch enclosed so they'd have a warm spot (other than in from of my monitor)! Oh well, while this isn't the life I signed up for, it is my life!

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